An Empire Has Fallen
The once-mighty Thoridinian Empire has been reduced to dust through a series of bloody civil wars culminating with the invasion of Morcus, a powerful demon backed by an army of necromancers and undead. High King Lock, the last known ruler of Thoridinia, managed to drive Morcus from the Thoridinian Peninsula with the help of Legate Arthen, a former elven general who now rules Elendria. While Morcus himself was driven away, the effects of his necromancy continued to plague the land, causing the dead to rise from their places of rest without provocation and attacking the living. This new peril caused King Lock to abandon Thoridinia, fleeing north with most, but not all, of his subjects. You are part of those that remained.
Welcome to Haroldsburg
The town of Haroldsburg, named after King Harold I, founder of the Kingdom of Thoridinia, is located on the southern coast of the Thoridinian Peninsula, and it is one of the few places that remains safe from the undead hordes ripping apart the rest of the Peninsula. For reasons of your own, all of you ended up in the city sometime during the course of the Fall of Thoridinia. While the city is safe from the undead roaming outside, there are other problems inside the walls. Mages are looked on with distrust and even hate, priests of the Church of the Five following a faux Archbishop preach apocalyptic theories, and the various guilds and factions of the city vie for seats on the selective and autocratic Council of Haroldsburg.

The World of Myr: The Last Thordinians